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how long has it been? [27 Jan 2008|07:43pm]
where has the time gone? wasn't it just this morning i was uncurling my animal blanket from around my ankle and picking up that pillow with the sleeping face? wasn't i just learning to read? i still remember feeling the pride from that. just this afternoon i baking cookies for the first time. i learned to ride a bike. Now look. It's night time and i got an itchy beard and some itchy zits and a stupid all around itchy life (itchy equals frustrating chaos).

I don't want to grow up but everybody has to right? Why should i be any different. Oh well...

Tomorrow I'll get up in the morning and head to a dead end job with a loud, fat boss. By the afternoon I'll be married with kids. Oh and we mustn't forget the funeral at night. I'll get to lie in a new bed and dream it all over again.
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*shrieks like a little girl* [17 Aug 2007|08:43am]
[ mood | crazy ]

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Like ok there's this girl and like I you know like absolutely like adore her and she was supposed to move like practically to another state but like now she's staying cuz she's like staying with friends so like i get to see her again.

That like totally rocks.

I know. I'm stoopid.

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how can one be pissed and happy all at the same time? [10 Aug 2007|10:15pm]
[ mood | why? ]

ok so it's like this. today started off amazing. i managed to mow the lawn and wash my mom's car. i went shopping and got a few new threads, a tie, some sexy shoes, and this cool little device that plugs into my ipod's head phone jack. it allows you to watch vides on your tv. how awesome is that? even after all this i also find out we're getting dim sum. DIM SUM!!!!! plus cabaret arrived which i have been dying to see for some time.
things are going great!

yeah right...
so i get home and i can't wait to try that new ipod thingy out. I mean just this morning while i was mowing the lawn my ipod worked perfectly. so i didn't think anything would be wrong. but for some random reason my ipod decides to say that i have no music on my ipod. i try to play it on itunes on my mac and my dell. neither one can read my ipod. so i open the hidden files via windows on my dell. the stuff is still there.
odd isn't it?
i'm pretty computer savy but i can't understand why it can't be read all of a sudden. i mean if i click on the hidden files i can play the music through that way so why not the regular way?

so yeah i've got a lot to be happy about today. but this whole ipod biz is getting me down man. just gotta keep my chin up right? shoot, if i get that new computer i wouldn't even need this damn thing. but things aren't lookin so hot in that department either. at the right things are goin, i gotta prepare myself to be satisfied with what i got. my health, my new shoes, and my mom who, although she understands nothing of computers still gets what i'm feeling right now.
thanks mum

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i think i'm melting [07 Aug 2007|04:09pm]
[ mood | thank god i have my health ]

so working at healthsouth is great. it's a rewarding experience because i feel good about what i do AND i'm getting experience for later on because i've decided...i wanna be a physical therapist.
now before any of my piano buddies jump me (actually chelle wouldn't do that but ben can be evil at times on purpose. I WANT MY CD!!!!) allow me to explain myself.
of course i'll do piano on the side, probably teaching it like i do now. However, as a therapist, not only will i get pretty good pay...really good pay, but i'll also be helping those less fortunate than myself regain the abilities that we take for granted everyday.

it'll take me 6 years to get my masters. afterwards, when i start working i can make about $50 an hour. in a 40 hour work week, that's $2000. $2000 a week just about. And besides the fact that i'll be financially secure, there's great health benefits. For example, one patient used to work there as a therapist herself. Now, she's taking therapy and it's practically free. They take care of their own and i have yet to see anybody without a smile. Even Sarah, the lady i talked about last time brightened up a bit.

so i've decided. that's what i'm going to do. time to start sitting up straight and studying the human body. i've got a lot of work ahead of me.

And in other news, here's is a pic of my computer-to-be


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everybody in the house get crunk! (kids say the strangest things) [02 Aug 2007|10:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so i may not get a nice new bed...fine that's cool. at least instead i'm probably going to get A NEW WICKEDLY SWEET AWESOME GAMING RIG COMPLETELY EQUIPPED WITH EVERYTHING I NEED TO MAKE MY FANTASIES COME TRUE!!!!! finally, i'll be able to run microsoft office 2007, i'll be able to listen to all my finale compositions in FULL SURROUND SOUND! i'll take my gaming to newer heights with it's 2 gigs of ddr2 ram. the picture will be crystal clear with it nvidia 7600 gt graphics card. I'll be able to click from one program to the next with absolutely no lag thanks to its 3.2 ghz dual core processor.
and the best part is i no longer need a night light for bed time because this baby glows a sexy neon blue that makes you hallucinate wild dreams of cloud hopping and making out with mermaids.

ok that last bit may nnot have made much sense but when dealing with a computer this sexy, screw sanity. it's so fast it don't make sense.

oh by the way, on a more important note, i'm officially a part of the Health South family. In one day, i made friends with nearly every patient in that joint as well as with a cute therapist who kept asking me to help her with another elderly gentleman. the poor man can barely stand. i had to help. don't worry, even if she wasn't there i woulda helped him, but hey having her around made it all the more fun. problem is she's got this crazy hard first name that i can't even remember. each time i say it i remind myself of a gurgling baby who won't quit playing with his food. odd.

mostly though i worked with a dude named chris. he's a crazy son of a...he's crazy. and he cusses so damn much even i turn red. but he's wiced awesome and has a heart of gold. he's young, he's fit. he could be doing so many other things but he dedicates his time to helping others, going out of his way to fix loose leg rests on wheel chairs and welcoming new comers with a big smile and enough charm to make anyone fall for him.

i'm still straight. remember? therapist with the strange name?

anyway, the first day went smoothly. the lady whose in charge of the volunteers is great too. her name's erika and she's always smiling. i suppose it could be creepy at times but it sure does brighten the place up. there's a nice old british lady there too who had some operation on her brain. i guess she's there to regain control of her limbs. she had me going about showing another therapist a picture of her daughter in law who happens to be indian. the old brit says the therapist girl reminds her of the bride. nobody else could see a resemblence though, especially since the therapist was cuban.

actually, i take back what i mentioned about erika. she isn't the only one smiling around the place. everybody does. even the pretty girl in the wheel chair who winked at me the first time i came to apply. we ran into each other today. she's my age and she's paralyzed...the poor girl. but her smile is contagious and her eyes make me fall in love everytime i see her.

one complaint however. when school starts i'll barely get a chance to see everybody...i hate school. why can't i just help ppl walk again? what do i need a financially rewarding career for when i feel so great as it is?

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everybody's gonna love today [28 Jul 2007|09:06pm]
[ mood | loved ]

oh how i love seeing a smile on ppl's faces. And you know what makes it even better? Knowing the fact that i put it there.
here, lemme tell you the story...

My sis Shareen was absolutely in love with this brit named Mika. I must say, even i myself was fond of his music. Kinda reminded me of Queen. But anyway, i decided to buy her the cd. At first i was going to go to target and get it yesterday with pops but he was no better than a zombie, so i had to settle for today. Problem was, Shareen wanted to tag along. Seriously, i would make a great spy someday with the way i handled myself.

As soon as we arrived i ran to the electronics and cd's section. I bought the cd there so as that shareen wouldn't see me paying for it right in front of her later. Now all i had to do was keep it a secret until the perfect time. So the entire while we were in Target, I avoided her so she would never catch sight of the bag. Man, am i smooth B).

When we were finally ready to pay for everything and leave, we headed to the checkout where my greatest challenge awaited me. And then, as if a gift from the heavens, her phone rang! Shareen went away from the cashiers to talk on her cell. Then as the guy handed Dad and me our stuff, I slipped the cd in.

Now here comes the best part. We got in the car. I had already figured out what i was going to do at this point. I usually can't stand the music mom has in her car, so i didn't think it would be out of the ordinary if i asked to change it. Dad handed me mom's cd case, already knowing what i was planning. I opened it and pretended to accidentally drop the cd i wanted right near the target bag. Then rather than put that cd in, I pulled out the mika cd from its case (i had pulled off the annoying plastic wrapper after i had bought it so it wouldn't delay me at this point. I wanted Shareen to think everything was absolutely normal until she heard the music.)

"You know, I was thinking of getting that Mika cd," she said as i popped it in the player. "He's really the first British guy i like. Katelyn was actually starting to get annoyed because i kept playing it from her ipod."

A subtle bass line began to sound from the speakers
"I want to talk to you," came a man's voice.
"The last time we talked Mr.Smith, you reduced me to tears. I promise you it won't happen again," replied a lady.
Mika finally began to sing. Shareen recognized the song instantly as being Grace Kelly.
With her eyes wide she asked, "Where did you get that cd? Did you buy it?"
I turned and smiled.
"Yeah. It's for you."

And everybody lived happily ever after. Plus, i got a hug! I didn't know she was so strong...ow

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these mixed emotions make me feel like a tossed salad [21 Jul 2007|02:59pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I'm relieved that Uncle Shawn won't be sent off to Iraq for the time being...but
I'm sad that i won't get to see my cousins alex and his cute little siblings...still
I'm happy that i'm finally making friends with ppl i know will never hurt me...although
I'm pissed off at how inconsiderate this damned city can be...also
I'm confused because I've come to realize I have no idea what i want to do anymore...however, no matter what
I'm determined to be happy and stay strong to what i believe in...so
I'm sure I'll make it

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the pope has some nerve [14 Jul 2007|01:27pm]
[ mood | calm ]

personally...i don't care much about what the catholic pope says but i can imagine many would be outraged by what he has recently proclaimed. That of course being that the catholic church is the Only True church. Now I'm positive other christian denominations believe the exact same thing and others believe that there are multiple ways to achieve salvation. But what i think is different in this case, is because not only did he say the Catholic faith is the only faith tha shall recieve salvation, but that they were the only church that could trace their heritage (supposedly) back to jesus christ and that of his disciples.

this reminds me of a joke i once heard.

Man #1: Was Jesus Italian?
Man #2: Well he must be. The Pope is in Italy after all.

XD...yeah right. Anyway even if what the pope says is true, the part about tracing the religion back to the 1st century christians, I think the situation can be likened to that of the ancient Hebrews. According to the Bible, they were God's chosen people. But it didn't last because they ignored the Messiah and filed to accept him. So even if what the Pope says was true about Catholicism's heritage, after what the Catholic church has done throughout history, who's to say they haven't lost God's favor?

I found that interesting, that's all. In other news, apparently Harry Potter can punch a dementor... XD

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I'M OFF!!! [11 Jul 2007|10:23am]
[ mood | busy ]

ok so the new me is under way. I've made it official and now i'm single and i intend to stay that way for a good while (if i ever get any urges the following ppl are allowed to slap me stupid until i lose that urge: Ben, Chelle, Jasmin).
These days i've also been cooking a lot and doing things around the house. this morning, i picked a fresh bouquet of flowers from my garden and set them on the dining room table. At the moment, I'm preparing lunch. I've invited my cousin over for it as well. I'm making a traditional italian american dish of pasta and meat balls but in my signature tomato sauce i created myself (ppl love the stuff. ^_^). also i've finally noticed a more apparent increase in my body weight. i've put myself on a new healthier diet and have been exercising regularly (MY ABS ARE FRIGGIN BACK YAY!!!!!!!) i've finally gained more muscle and for once in my life my athletic t shirt no longer makes me look anorexic. but i still have quite a while to go.

but besides my overall health i think i've made greater leaps in my relationship with my parents. i haven't been talking back as much although it's still a struggle with my mother. I'm worried that she'll develop alzheimers with the way she's acting. but i've been trying to control my temper. i've noticed also a difference in my taste of music. i'm more keen to listen to mellow stuff as opposed to taking back sunday and lacuna coil these days. overall i'd say things are going nicely in my life. the girl i was previously dating understands my decision completely and even supports it. she said she'd wait for me if anything until i'm read. she's so sweet. but anyway. that's it i guess. i gotta go check on my food.

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I'm redoing my life [08 Jul 2007|04:07pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Ok so lately i've been redecorating my room. I'm getting this nice futon, getting rid of excess junk and furniture, buying new clothes and giving away my old wardrobe, and soon will either have wood or tile flooring...i have yet to decide. i think wood would be nice because it would really help carry the sound from my six beautiful speakers. oh screw it i'm going with wood.
but anyway this isn't really what i want to write about. Basically, all this throwing out the old and putting in the new has been getting me to think about my own life and all the junk that surrounds me. so i've decided to do the same with my life that i'm doing with my room. i'm changing my outlook and my lifestyle in general. i've decided to come clean from all the wrongs i've been doing. for one...*gulp* no more dating behind my parents back. this will probably be my biggest hurdle seeing has how there are a lot of girls that i often find myself attracted to and who are in turn attracted to me. no wise cracks and no sarcasm about how "modest" i am. it's the honest to god truth it's not hard for me to get a date.

second, i need to learn to be more modest (lol). i need to realize that maybe i am good at certain things but there's a lot i will never know at all. i need to stop caring so much about my looks and admit, sure I can be good looking, but that's not enough to consider me a good person. i got to stop trying to be the center of attention and realize there are other ppl who deserve the floor.

third, i need to show more appreciation for my parents.there are so many things in my life that i never thank them for and so many times i cause them hell. i've seen other kids and how they treat their parents or talk about them and it made it so much more clear to me how parents in most cases just want the best for their children. they're not trying to "sabotage" your social life or cheat you out of your allowance or make you miss out on things that seem cool. they're here for our protection and i think a lot of ppl my age fail to recognize that. that's one statistic i don't want to be a part of.

finally, i need to learn not to get hung up over certain things. by that, i mean things like when i apologize to someone and they refuse to forgive me which in turn causes me to beat myself stupid. i've decided i shall feel no sadness for those ppl. after i sincerely apologize it's up to them to forgive and forget. If not, so be it. Not my problem and i will not be taken advantage of. I'm through repeatedly saying sorry after i've said it once already.

those are just some of the things i'm going to change. trust me, come the time i graduate, i'll be a completely better person. now, i'd like to take this chance to ask you to tell me anything wrong i may have done to you because i feel my first step in this process is to start off with a clean new slate. if there's anything i've done wrong to you please allow me the opportunity to humbly apologize for however i may have treated you.

that's all guys. i hope you will look at me with a new respect for the steps i am taking to try and improve myself. good bye, my steak is calling.

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i just want everybody to know... [04 Jul 2007|10:06pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

TRANSFORMERS IS THE MOST AMAZINGEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!! now that may sound stupid to some of you...BUT MY GOD! IT WAS LIKE PWE PWE!!! BOOM!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!!PWE PWE PWEPWE PWE!!!!UGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EXCLAMATION POINT SO ON AND SO FORTH!!!! michael bay...if i was gay, i would love you. AW HECK I LOVE YOU ANYWAY!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ...but only so long as you make more movies...

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I'm still in that mood [03 Jul 2007|12:35pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

That last post i made got me remembering a lot of good times with my friends. If you guys have any moments you'd like to share please post it.

Also...here are some more pics from my trip...

i realized you really can't see my new haircut in those other pics XD...I'm slow. but now i think it's pretty visible. it's the shortest i've ever had my hair...i hate it XD

so yeah please share some memories. it's fun


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uh...i got nothing [02 Jul 2007|12:54pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

ok i was originally planning on puutting up more pictures but as i was reading and looking at one of my friend's journals i realized i should change my journal layout. i always do the same sloppy thing with a black and white color scheme and some stupid rose in the background. maybe that fit me before but i feel for something else more...

eh screw it. i'm too lazy to think up something new. but if anybody has any ideas. HOLY FRIG THAT LIGHTNING WAS HUGE! speaking of which, my dad tol me of how some guy got struck by lightning on a clear day and died...O_O. it was while i was away on my AMAZING trip to europe. I never get tired of that place.

you know something else? apperently they had another terrorist strike right after we left or something like that. you know the same thing happened last time i went to london. everything was great while we were there...but then we leave and a bus blows up. it's kind of creepy...

oh and speaking of creepy, i found an actual black widow the other day. you know the one with those big butts and the weird red tattoo thing on them. i've never seen an actual one before.i squashed it.

sirens outside...i wonder what's going on...

you know...i've been getting kind of weird lately. i'm like remembering when i was younger...like when krissy, christina, and i used to go to the falls...and the lock of hair danelly gave me once... and when i spent the night just talking to that italian girl ariana...and when rory chased me around the keyboard lab at southwood...and when i got my first guitar...my best friend adlai came over and we jammed on it as best as we could...all we knew how to play though was james bond and hot cross buns XD

i also remember when i got cocoa. she was a beagle and she used to sleep by my feet when we went to bed. i taught her how to play fetch too...she was awesome.

and then there was that time when i was first exposed to a weegee board (yeah i have no idea how to spell it). it was after i went to see the third harry potter with krissy and chris and christina. we dressed up like wizards and witches. actually they jst forced me to put on a cape but it was fun. then we went back to krissys place an we started using that thingy. i forgot what we asked...

i realize i'm growing up...things can never go back to those times. i'm just going to get more and more responsibilities. i'll go off to college and have to write these huge papers. then i'll get a career, meet a girl, get married and hopefully have kids. i'm going to have to tell them to cherish those years like my parents told me. but they won't listen...just like me. they'll think they'll never grow up and live like the lost boys in never never land. i used to think that. and as much as i'd like to meet the love of my life and raise amazing kids, a part of me just wishes time would stop so i'd never have to learn to drive a car or how to pay my taxes.

sorry...i think i started going off for a second. the past can do that to you.

thanks to everybody for these memories. obviously, you all have a place in my heart

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europe was freakin amazing [28 Jun 2007|01:30pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

too much to talk about all at once here but i do have pictures from europe with my new haircut ^_^ viola! this is all for now but trust me...well obviously...there's a WHOLE lot more. Emphasis on lot..and...more... anyway the france pics have yet to be developed so this is just of england. Enjoy!

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oh oscar...you're so...so wilde!...mmmm me likey XD [08 Mar 2007|06:45pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

okay class...for your next recommended reading assignment you shall read the picture of dorian gray. and for those sad few of you who actually saw the league of extraordinary gentleman, no i'm sorry. Dorian is not that suave...and I'm sure he's never heard of Sean Connery. but the book rocks. ^_^
amazingly...it's just like what my english teacher said...*sighs* ok yes. she actually got something right for once. the characters in this novel, namely lord henry IS UBER COOL!!!! despite the fact that you should seriously hate him. often times i found myself reading about lord henry and wanting to be in dorian's place just to see what he looked like and to touch him...XD then i'd stop reading and be like "whoa! That's one bad a$$ mother-"
shut yo mouth...

anyway...read please and thank you.


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wanted to add something [15 Jan 2007|08:12pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Post Christmas and depths of January, I think we all need a bit of cheering up. So... reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love.

stuff has been going on...that's all. can't write much about it though. not on here at least...

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Err...Nope...I can't think of anything [04 Jan 2007|10:40am]
[ mood | hyper ]

um...srry yomiko if i was a rude to you tho other day first of all. XD
Anyway to update everybody. I don't know what's going on between Valerie and me. The date was canceled due to stuff...
But i've been quite busy with this thing called pen pals now. It's cool and fun. Actually, I may have mentioned it before but anyway, if you want a pen pal try this. It'll never fail so long as you're an interesting person XD. Like myself for example. I keep getting replies galore and i'm already starting to write to one girl in the netherlands and one girl in poland. There's also girls from the midwest, canada, england, and two others from i don't know yet. But since i just started e-mailing them I'll wait a bit before starting to write to them. Anyway uh...that's it. BYE!

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chapter...1? to what? new beginnings? [28 Dec 2006|10:06pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

ok so i've got a date coming up with valerie..well...
ok not a date. but a get together sorta.
wanna hear how i hope it goes?

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intro [22 Dec 2006|09:37pm]
[ mood | amused ]

winter break has begun and has already shown so promise. i think i'll get a few memorable moments out of it. As for yesterday, that didn't go all too bad really. nobody showed up but chelle and me got starbucks coffee and drove around in her sexy miata for a while, me chilling and listening to her instruct me on how to ask a girl out properly. i must say, i'm a wiser man now.
then there's valerie. i know i know. hey! she isn't the girl i've been talking about. you're right... she popped out of nowhere and surprised me. i don't know exactly what's going on... i asked her out and she turned me down flat. not pleasant and i don't mean to sound boastful but it was because nobody had ever turned me down...
but yesterday...she confused the hell out of me. so here's the story:
i just got out of math and lunch had began with me stepping into some goopy mud. an ominous sign in deed for a rather unpleasant lunch, i would think. i headed to one of my usual haunts by the keyboard lab to find it locked shut. not knowing where else to go, i headed to the cafeteria to hang with my friends from drama. there she was, sitting and eating a salad like usual while the others were still in line. i decided to surprise her by coming behind her and covering her eyes.
"I'll give you a hint: you seriously wounded my pride."
"Oh shut up," she answered. "So what if i said no. you actually pissed over that-" she smiled "-Niles?"
I removed my hands and sat down.
"If i was, i'd hate myself."
"I thought you do hate yourself."
I shrugged.
"Not around you."
"Oh? Am i that special?"
"Hey, you humbled me. I'm greatful. After having any girl i wanted, you were the first to deny me the privilege of your company."
She laughed.
"You and the friggin compliments. It gets old."
"Why? Are you so used to them?"
She smiled and just started playing with her salad. She picked up a pack of crackers and threw it at me. She always gave me a pack of saltines each time i ate with her. Sort of a tradition.
"So," she began again. "What are you doing during the break?"
I sighed. Do i ever do anything?
"Nothing, like usual."
She smiled again.
"Me neither. Wann hang sometime?"
My turn to smile.
"Is that a date, Ms. Forbidden Fruit?"
"Want me to kick your ass, Casanova?"
I poked her in her stomach and nodded.
"Yup, with abs like that, that's possible."
She laughed and poked me back.
"I didn't ask if it was possible."
"Still, i wanted to make sure it wasn't an empty threat."
She laughed once more and kissed my cheek.
"I want to hang out as friends, Niles. After all this time are you still after me?"
"Would you like me to be?"
She laughed and we said nothing for a while. Lunch was coming to an end. We got up and i looked down at her for a while. Her face was still as pretty as it was two years before when i first met her. And her hair was this shiny amazing looking crimson.
"Let's hang out ok? Promise me we will, Niles."
"Anytime. So does that mean i have a shot?"
She laughed and hugged me tight.

I think i got a pretty good chance...

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[15 Dec 2006|09:53pm]
[ mood | blah ]

What an unproductive day...
first off during first block my music theater teacher was so preoccupied with dismembering the set from lat night's concert he hardly did anything with us. i suppose most was glad at such a prospect for it was a testing day and many wished not to sing. of course, he did get to a few of us such as my compadre Jose who sang a beautiful rendition of stepping out with my baby, top hat and all.
As for myself, i shall be performing tuesday. I will be wearing a homemade kermit the frog mask since i am singing the rainbow connection as i also play the piano, a feat which i am proud to say is quite difficult to do. At least, so I've been told.
second block failed to arouse any excitement within me whatsoever. Then again, it is pre-calc and I'm a writer, not a mathematician. Still, i did spend a few amusing moments with edgar and greg as we discussed how greg sucks at video games, texas would be a lame place to live, and how edgar is gay for some boy named nick XD. we didn't exactly know the kid, but it was funny seeing how uncomfortable he was getting...yes that was probably a bit mean of me. but we all have our moments.
then came lunch that passed rather swiftly. I shall refrain from having you ready anything unecessary, do not worry. XD
but i do wish lunch would have lasted longer because 6th period was terrible. I'm fond of history, but today was an extremely slack class, supposedly a day for "studying" but really...unless if your my friend sarah, it's mostly time for socializing. Franky and I busily set about for the first hour discussing and immitating skits from robot chicken
my personal favorite being the star wars one...
emperor palpatine (on the phone with vader):
What the f*ck do you mean the death star was destroyed?...what the hell is an alluminum falcon?...oh oh, come on. you mean you couldn't guard some stupid 2 meter wide exhaust pipe!
(looks over at the other two ppl in the the room)
Omg. You're not gonna believe this. He's crying *snicker*
(back on the phone)
ok ok...calm down. just...just come back over here. no...no i'm not mad just...oh really? well um ok...yeah just get my a sandwhich...yeah, and some coleslaw...i dunno, i probably won't eat it anyway...

XD priceless. seth green is amazing...
anyway, other than our own renditions of these various skits (super mario vice city, noah vs. fairy tale creatures, a dragonball z christmas), the period was pretty boring. to make things worse, i feel as if that girl knows I like her. the funny thing is, and you will think of me as absolutely pathetic at this point, but i know she's attracted to me as well. it's just the walking over and talking to her that's hard. i can't explain why. I was able to talk to her just fine until recently when i realized i would absolutely love to take this girl out...then things changed between us drastically. i will say one thing though. last class we teased each other quite a bit, her stroking my leg with her foot. ok..she teased me. when i looked over at her slightly confused all she could do was look away and blush...XD
anyway today was sligtly lame...despite all that i have said.

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